The Ark of Oé

The Arche d'Oé is the museum of Aussois. Through the testimonies of the inhabitants of the village, discover the history of the village of Aussois (Oé in patois), the successful evolution of the village to the resort. You will also learn a lot about the traditional habitat and the life of the Aussoyens not so long ago!

The agro-pastoral museum

The agro-pastoral museum of Aussois was born from the idea of several inhabitants of the village to preserve the traces of the past. The museum is installed in a typical Aussois house, one of the oldest in the village.

Each room of the house provides visitors, through videos, its use of yesteryear: the kitchen, the stable, the cellar, the large, the fold-jump, the bedroom ... Visitors move from room to room and discover the life and jobs of yesteryear, the winter evenings that were spent in the stable to enjoy the warmth of animals, the reconstruction of a school class ...

A rich and lively museum animated by the "Friends of the Aussois Museum": guided tours, storytelling evenings, exhibitions, games and workshops, escape game... A house that allows you to go back in time but also to meet in all simplicity the volunteers who animate the Arche d'Oé, Oérins and Oérinnes, the inhabitants of Oé of course!

Visit the Arche d'Oé Museum