Grand parcours Aussois - Vertical activities

Join us in summer 2024 for the Grand Parcours at Aussois, an opportunity to learn or improve your climbing skills while discovering one of Savoie's most famous mountaineering sites: Haute Maurienne Vanoise.


Grand parcours Aussois

2 days climbing in Haute Maurienne Vanoise

Combine sport and discovery for a weekend. With the various natural climbing sites ofAussois, the spectacular via ferrata of l'Esseillon between Aussois and La Norma or the major routes all over Haute Maurienne Vanoise.

With this event, Aussois also aims to offer climbers a safe and adventurous experience. Labelled a "Grand Parcours" by the FFCAM, this Rencontre des activités verticales is a privileged and convivial occasion. It aims to bring together all kinds of people: beginners who are not members of the FFCAM, as well as club members. For climbers of all levels, it's an exceptional opportunity to discover the activity or perfect your technique.

An exceptional opportunity to discover the activity or to improve your technique

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At Aussois, nature is a real sports field! There's rock-climbing, the longest via ferrata in France and the highest peak in France, the Dent Parrachée at 3,687m!


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Please note! Each participant must be in possession of:
- Climbing shoes, harness + lanyard + 2 carabiners (optional), helmet, backpack with food and water (water + snacks).
- Equipment packs" can be hired from the ticket office.

You are a member of the FFCAM

Please have your membership number ready so that you do not have to pay for the insurance offered by the Discovery Card

You are not a member of the FFCAM

You must then subscribe to a discovery card (temporary license + personal insurance) at the rate of : 10€/2 days

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Climbing and climbing at Aussois

The village resort ofAussois offers numerous climbing and via ferrata sites. With, for example, the routes of the Esseillon and Croë forts, the Arc gorges and the Diable via-ferrata...Aussois guides and instructors are on hand to help you learn or to accompany you in complete safety.

Discover the best climbing spots

Aussoisthe grand course: "Le Croé" rock-climbing crag
Aussoisevent : grand parcours

The supervision of the routes will be done under the authority of the FFCAM with the support of local high mountain guides.

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Simon Teppaz

High mountain guide at the guide office inAussois

Simon Fourcade

Why did you choose Aussois for the Grand Parcours?

"The village resort ofAussois was chosen because it is the only place in the French Alps to offer such a wide range of vertical activities. In a small area we have the via-ferrata of Le Diable, numerous
numerous climbing sites of all levels of difficulty in a variety of geologies, major mountain and valley climbing routes and alpine-style rocky ridges, and even a new bouldering site (on the plateau du Mauvais Berger)".

The Guide Bureau ofAussois supports the event, with what objectives?

"We at the Bureau des Guides are very keen to host this event, because it seems to us that since the Maurienne International Open (late 1980s, early 1990s), climbing has been somewhat sidelined in our region. We are convinced that we have enormous assets for this activity in Haute Maurienne Vanoise and we think that these Meetings are a very good way of promoting it".

Who is the Grand Parcours for?

"The Grand Parcours is open to beginners as well as experienced climbers and to children from 7/8 years old if they are accompanied by their parents. In short, it's a great way to introduce our territory to people who will come back to climb with us and to help them discover the mountain".