Great North Week at Aussois

From January 13 to 20, embark on a Great North week in the heart of the resort! On the program: ski touring, land art on snow, snowmobiling... And the La Grande Odyssée VVF sled dog race to round off this week-long event!

January 13 to 20, 2024

The Great North... in the sun!

Aussoisis, of course, skiing and snow on the sunny side. But in January, the resort takes on the allure of the Great North, with polar temperatures at night, top-quality snow, well-formed icefalls in the Gorges du Diable and... the arrival of Europe's top mushers for La Grande Odyssée VVF, one of the world's biggest sled dog races.

Whether you're passionate about sport or culture, let yourself be carried away by the Nordic atmosphere. You'll find it at Aussois throughout this January week, with stimulating workshops, activities and challenges including ski touring, dog sledding, snowmobiling, astronomy and giant snowball fights! And when we say Nordic, we also mean well-being and rejuvenation! Sauna and jacuzzi enthusiasts will be in for a real treat with a "Relax and Spa" evening in a subdued atmosphere organized by the Ô'Soi centre. Ô'Soi center.

AussoisThe Great North... in the sun!

The programme for Grand Nord week

From January 13 to 20, immerse yourself in the captivating world of the Far North at Aussois with a series of events orchestrated by the resort's key players.

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    The event of the week, La Grande Odyssée VVF at Aussois
    Friday, January 19

    Event of the week

    La Grande Odyssée VVF in Aussois
    This week of surprises culminates in the 6th stage of La Grande Odyssée VVF, Europe's annual sled dog event.

    Dozens of mushers will be on hand for a spectacular race in the heart of the vast Vanoise region. There'll be plenty to share between the spectacular departures of the teams on the snow front and the free entertainment in the La Grande Odyssée VVF Village, open from 10 a.m. to 6.30 p.m.

    If you're planning to watch the race, meet up at 3pm at the foot of the track by the Maison d'Aussois to watch the dogs get excited before the big start! And if you want to follow the race, the competitors will be at the Monolithe de Sardières from 4pm, at the Sardières Nordic site from 4.15pm and at the Croix d'Aussois from 4.30pm, with the best finishing at 5pm, still on the snow front!

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    Dog sledding

    During the Grand Nord week, you can discover a dog sled race with dozens of teams present at La Grande Odyssée VVF. It's also possible to try out this rare and 100% northern activity.

    "When we think of the Far North, we often think of sled dog teams traversing icy expanses to provide assistance, supplies or even surveillance to isolated places that can only be reached by dogs. These dogs of various breeds have been selected for over a hundred years for their endurance, speed and strong bond with humans. But this Far North and these sled dogs are not just for travelers to the ends of the earth. They can be found at Aussois . Weather permitting, you can discover the world and needs of these formidable athletes at Aussois during the sled dog outings we've been offering at the resort for over 15 years."

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    Great North week at Aussois, try out the dog sled rides

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