Scientific and technical heritage at Aussois

From the lookout point at Plan d'Aval, you can see the technical feats that were achieved in the middle of the last century with the creation of the dams overlooking the village. The two reservoirs at Plan d'Amont and Plan d'Aval provide the raw material for the electricity that powers the region.

The Plan d'Amont and Plan d'Aval dams, a scientific and technical heritage to be preserved. Aussois

A natural energy reservoir

The Maurienne valley has undergone significant development thanks to the creation of dams and hydroelectric power stations. In the 20th century, water from glaciers benefited the advent of white coal.

The Plan d'Amont and Plan d'Aval dams were built in the middle of the twentieth century, and involved a huge amount of work. More than 2,000 workers were on site. A cable car was even built to transport the stones extracted on the Parc des Lozes side to the construction site. The titanic site was even used as a backdrop for the film "La meilleure part", starring Gérard Philippe and Jean Lefebvre.

Fed by mountain streams, the water from the dams is then turbined in the valley's power stations. This scientific heritage can be discovered from the lookout above Plan d'Aval, or on a walk around the Plan d'Aval dam, with panels presenting the history of these dams and hydroelectricity at Haute Maurienne Vanoise. On average, the various facilities in the valley produce the equivalent of 2 times the annual residential consumption of the Savoie department.

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