Lifestyles in Aussois

As you stroll through the streets of the village, you'll be struck by photos depicting village life, its inhabitants and its history. Stories you can hear and discover at the Musée l'Arche d'Oé.

Lifestyles at Aussois, a heritage to share!

A heritage to share

Like all mountain villages, Aussois is grouped around the church. Each street has its own chapel and wash-house. Until the middle of the 20th century, bread was baked in the communal oven, the carillonneur rang the bells and the garde-champêtre made municipal announcements with his drum.

Proud of their heritage, the Aussoyens are keen to keep their traditions alive, especially the tradition of a warm welcome to anyone who stops off in the village.

To forget nothing and share a way of life linked to its exceptional environment. A generous nature that we know how to protect, offering a fabulous playground and freedom of artistic expression, like Serge Couvert's sculptures in the Monolithe forest.

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