5 climbing routes at Aussois

This summer at Aussois, let yourself be tempted by climbing! The resort offers many natural climbing sites: the incredible Monolithe, the ultra-easy-to-reach Croé, the vertiginous gorges de l'Arc, Côtes Blanches, Caveau, Ecole buissonière or "La roche qui pisse".

Aussoisthe grand course: "Le Croé" rock-climbing crag

Diversity and proximity

a climber's paradise
The diversity of its relief, its rare limestone and the proximity of its sites to one another make it a climber's paradise.

From the experienced to the beginner, there's something for everyone, from your fingertips to your feet. Solo, with family or friends, for a weekend or a week, go vertical without moderation. The resort boasts numerous climbers and professional guides and instructors. The favorites of the village specialists.

Safety first!

The mountains are a place of freedom and adventure. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, it's essential to know and respect safety techniques.

- Choose climbing routes suited to your ability level
- Always wear a helmet
- Stay focused
- Climb with recent, good-quality equipment
- Tie yourself up with an 8 knot followed by a stopper knot

The easiest way is to call on the resort's professionals, who will accompany you in complete safety so that you can enjoy your stay with complete peace of mind.

I choose a mountain guide to accompany me.

AussoisAlpinisme Grande Voie" mountaineering pack

The Sardières Monolith

Recommended by Claire Benait, climbing instructor
The site is a 5-minute drive from the village.

Have you ever seen this geological curiosity at the gateway to the Parc de la Vanoise? 93 metres high, this conglomerate rock has survived erosion. Although it looks crumbly, three climbing routes have been opened, enabling you to reach the summit in 4 pitches. You'll find passages on pebbles set in the mass, then on limestone with water drops. But turn around and admire the scenery: not a dwelling in sight, just forest and mountains. Away from the valley's traffic, you'll hear nothing but birdsong. This is one of Haute Maurienne Vanoise's must-do big routes, accessible to climbers who enjoy technical climbing, master big route rope handling and climb in the 6b range.

Warning! In the presence of peregrine falcons and during their nesting period, the site is closed to climbing until June 15.

The monolith
Aussoisthe grand course: "Le Croé" rock-climbing crag

The Croé boulder chaos

Recommended by Simon Teppaz, mountain guide
The Croé site is a 10-minute walk from the village.

In the 90s, these boulders hosted the last international outdoor climbing competitions. The best climbers of those years gathered at Ausssois, providing wonderful memories for young climbers like myself. Many of the high-level routes can still be climbed in summer, thanks to the altitude and the valley wind. Le Croé is therefore an ideal site for very good climbers, but not only: I also like to get the kids climbing on the lower boulders, with or without rope. Take advantage of these boulders to prepare yourself for rocky summits in the high mountains. Some of the boulders are also accessible from the top, so you can try your hand at abseiling. In short, a site within easy reach that will satisfy many a climber!

The Grand Chatelard rock

Recommended by Simon Teppaz, mountain guide
Access is via the route des barrages or the Grand Jeu chairlift.

This cliff, halfway between the valley and the high mountains, offers several routes between 150 m and 200 m in height. Located at an altitude of 2,500 m in the bucolic Fournache valley, at the foot of the Dent Parrachée, the setting is idyllic and the rock of excellent quality. I think it's the perfect place to introduce climbers to the big route. I'd particularly recommend the "Tirelipompon" route: the equipment is good, although quite spaced out. It's a good idea to take a few friends: perfect for a first experience of big mountain routes. Also worth a try: the more difficult "Jacquemod" route, in the 6a range. It's a steep climb with big holds, and once you're past the first pitch, you already feel like you're on a big wall!

Aussoisthe long route: the Grand Chatelard
Aussoisclimbing: the arete race

The S ridge of the Râteau d'Aussois

Recommended by Cédric Périllat, mountain guide
Depart from l'Orgère or Plan d'Aval, then walk back down to the summit via the Col de la Masse hiking route.

A long, more mountaineering-style adventure route. In a wild, south-facing setting, on beautiful fractured rock that lends itself well to stoppers. You'll find climbing that's never technically hard, but still involves a certain amount of commitment in a mountain atmosphere.

La Roche Moutche

The favorite of our climbersAussois
Departure is from the Plan d'Amont dam, followed by a 1-hour approach walk (500 m ascent).

A real open-air bouldering gym for the enjoyment of climbing enthusiasts, in a dream setting.

Located in the heart of the Vanoise National Park, at an altitude of 2,500 m, the Roche Moutche bouldering site lies at the foot of the east face of the Rateau d'Aussois. The area is magnificent, mountainous and wild. From a distance, the boulder looks like Chamonix granite. It's actually quartzite, very colorful, worked, often aggressive and with lots of holes. It's really surprising!

Boulder heights range from 2 to 10 meters, and most landings are on grass, so it's ideal for family climbing. Grades range from 4+ to 8b.

Aussoisthe grand course: La Roche Mouché