The Monolith

A giant menhir in the heart of the forest. Would Obelix have passed by and thrown this menhir in the middle of the fir trees? One can ask oneself this question when, at the end of the road, after the last bend, one's gaze rises and one's head leans back.
This beautiful needle surrounded by fang pines, larches and spruces is 93 meters high and stands here at an altitude of 1,670 meters.

The Monolith ofAussois, a giant menhir in the heart of the forest

Unusual and even bizarre!

Nature and time have sculpted this rock of cargneule, a compact and hard dolomitic limestone that has resisted the erosion suffered on this site.

A breathtaking spectacle caused by the geology that we come to see from afar and that is among the highest monoliths on the planet.

The nature of the mountaineer being to climb on any rock which presents itself to him, the Monolith was climbed for the first time in 1957 by Michel Paquier.

Climbing it has become a must for climbers who love difficulty and thrills.

This site of the Monolith is a mine of curiosities and a landmark! In this forest, you can work with your family to get wood for heating, you can look for morel mushrooms in the spring, and all the excuses are good for pleasant walks all year round!

Enter the Vanoise National Park

It is also in this very special place at the foot of the Vanoise massif that the inauguration ceremony of the Vanoise National Park took place on June 26, 1965. This was the first of the French national parks designed to protect an exceptional fauna and flora.

The four kilometers from the village ofAussois to the Sardières Monolith (in fact, the monolith is in the Val Cenis Sollières-Sardières commune) are accessible in all seasons and by all means: car (May to November), bike, mountain bike, scooter, fatbike, on foot or on skis.

The Monolith ofAussois, a giant menhir in the heart of the forest
The Monolith ofAussois, a giant menhir in the heart of the forest

A must for a winter walk

In winter, the road becomes a cross-country ski trail and leads to the village of Sardières where you will find part of the cross-country ski trails, the cross-country ski foyer, a snack room and a restaurant.

The Monolithe Nordic ski area between Aussois and Sardières offers cross-country skiing and skating on 39 km of marked and groomed trails. Ideal for beginners, but also for training.

For a day's snowshoeing, the Piste Blanche is a must! Starting from the Croix d'Aussois (1 km outside the village ofAussois in the direction of Sardières), this trail is 7.5 km long and has a positive vertical drop of 215 m. It is groomed and signposted, and is freely accessible.

What better way to recharge your batteries in the middle of this generous nature, the white of the snow, the blue of the sky, the green of the forest, the silence and the soft heat of the sun, the ideal altitude of 1 500m...

When art marries nature

For a few years, in the forest of the Monolith, it is not rare to cross a man in ATV, chainsaw in the backpack... but where does he go? but what does he do?

He is not a lumberjack but an artist who gives free rein to his creativity by using natural essences on site.

Serge Couvert, sculptor from Aussie, shapes trees on the theme of family and happiness.

What a real pleasure to follow the "Path of sculptures", this land-art itinerary where each work has an evocative name: "Fraternity", "Freedom", "Panic at the top", "A moai in winter", "Tototte"...

An original hike with a visual and sensory discovery that lets the mind wander in the forest.

When art marries nature, come and discover the "Sculpture Trail".
Discover the Chappe telegraph on foot, mountain bike or snowshoes on forest trails

On foot, mountain bike or snowshoes on the forest paths, you will discover the Arponts plateau (alpine chalets and vast meadow on which you will end up after passing through Jomier) then the Fournette spring and the Chappe telegraph (part of the first mechanically designed aerial and optical telegraphy system operating from station to station)