Military heritage at Aussois

The forts of the Esseillon barrier are a must-see heritage site at Aussois. Arriving in the village from Aussois , the eye is inevitably drawn to these stone fortresses on the mountainside, and the question arises as to their existence: when, why, by whom and how?


Four forts for protection!

The military heritage ofAussois is on display for all to see on the rocky Esseillon lock, and is undergoing permanent restoration.

Four forts and a redoubt were built between 1817 and 1834 to protect against French invasions and block the Mont Cenis road.

Each building has a particular shape and purpose, according to the theories of the Marquis de Montalembert. Although they have sheltered up to 2,000 men but have not been the scene of battle, they are nonetheless steeped in history and classified as Historic Monuments. They bear the first names of the royal family.

The forts and the Sardinian cemetery are open to visitors. Let yourself be tempted by a lantern-lit nocturnal discovery in summer, an experience with a special and unforgettable atmosphere.

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