The Vanoise National Park

Aussois is located in the heart of the Vanoise National Park. An immense natural area where flora and fauna are protected.

In this Park, the 1st to be created in France, in spring and summer you'll often hear marmots whistling. You may be lucky enough to spot chamois or ibex, and be flown over by a golden eagle or lammergeier, one of Europe's largest birds. A park to discover while respecting the tranquillity of the fauna and preserving the flora. Take advantage of outings accompanied byAussois professionals to find out more and explore trails where natural riches can be observed at every step.
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The Park celebrates!

Vanoise National Park celebrates its 60th anniversary


In 2023, the Vanoise National Park celebrates its 60th anniversary. All summer long, numerous events, outings and workshops will be organized at Aussois and throughout Haute Maurienne Vanoise. This anniversary is an opportunity to look back on the progress made since the creation of the Park, to discover or rediscover its riches, to meet the professionals who work for and in the Park...

Find out more about the Park's 60th anniversary

First national park in France

The Vanoise National Park is a protected area that lies largely in the Vanoise region. Haute Maurienne VanoiseThe commune ofAussois is part of it. Founded in 1963, thanks in particular to Gilbert André, then mayor of Bonneval sur Arc, the Vanoise National Park was the 1st to be created in France. It adjoins Italy's Gran Paradiso Park, and together they form the largest protected area in the western Alps.

The central zone of the Vanoise National Park, called "Heart", is a strictly protected area with regulations that promote the biodiversity of landscapes, environments, species and preserve the cultural and mountain heritage.

The "Heart" of the Vanoise National Park is strictly protected and certain rules must be respected so that the fauna and flora can flourish (no picking, dogs forbidden in particular). However, the Park remains an area of freedom where it is possible to practice many activities such as hiking, mountaineering, fishing... Bivouacs are possible on the sites provided for this purpose near the huts.

Vanoise National Park, Aussois, Plan d'Amont lake

Access to the Heart of the Park

By chairlift, mountain bike or car from the village

From Aussois, the "Cœur" area of the Vanoise National Park is easily accessible. In summer, you can take the Grand Jeu chairlift; the path leading to the "Cœur" area is just a few meters from the finish. It's also possible to go up by car or mountain bike via the route des barrages. By car, park at the Plan d'Amont parking lot. A wide path takes you gently up the Plan d'Amont lake to the Sétéria bridge. Mountain bikes can be used up to this point, so you're already in the heart of the park. You can then continue on foot to the Râteau d'Aussois (one of the 3000 m summits of Haute Maurienne Vanoise accessible to all in summer) or stroll down to the superb Fond d'Aussois valley under the whistles of the marmots.

Aussois is located in the heart of the Vanoise National Park. An immense natural area where flora and fauna are protected.

The Park in figures

The Vanoise National Park is...
  • About twenty glaciers
  • More than 100 peaks above 3000 meters
  • 600 km of trails
  • Approximately 1,800 ibex (the largest population in France, although this emblematic animal almost disappeared from the French Alps in the 20th century)
  • About 40 shelters
  • The largest protected area in Europe with its Italian neighbor Grand Paradis (14 km of common border between the two parks)

A privileged meeting with nature

Meetings with the rangers of the Vanoise National Park

The park rangers, whose missions within the national parks are very varied, offer winter and summer meetings to introduce you to their job, to help you observe the fauna with telescopes and to help you discover the secrets of this majestic environment.

Days or evenings organized by the wardens at the various refuges in the Vanoise National Park, such as Fond d ' Aussois or La Parrachée,

Don't hesitate to get in touch with the mountain guides who have the "Esprit Parc" label. While guiding you safely along the routes and trails, they will be able to attract your attention, arouse your curiosity and make you want to know more about the mountain environment.

For more information : official website of the Vanoise National Park.

Aussois is located in the heart of the Vanoise National Park. An immense natural area where flora and fauna are protected.
Esprit Parc National presents what it means to have the right spirit?
Essential to the protection of an exceptional and fragile natural environment

Adopt the "Parc attitude

Walking, running, photographing, feeling, listening, breathing, contemplating, observing, learning, transmitting, respecting...

- Come on foot, without your dog (even on a leash)
- Admire the beauty of the flowers without picking them, they will not grow back in your home
- Feed yourself with tasty local products but do not feed the marmots
- Optimize your water and electricity consumption in the huts
- Initiate yourself to the calm of the mountain, to the tranquility... disconnect
- Follow the trails and don't cut the laces on the way down
- Take the shuttles instead of your car
- Open this extraordinary picture book with your children, awaken their curiosity, make them aware of the environment, of respect... This is what real mountain vacations are all about!

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