7 sensational family activities to enjoy this winter at Aussois

At Aussois, you and your family can enjoy a wide range of activities. Adventure enthusiasts will find an ideal playground here: play skiing, ski touring, paragliding, winter via ferrata, tubbing, biathlon, snake gliding... The list is far from exhaustive, and there's plenty to discover. Enough to satisfy the most curious as well as thrill-seekers! Fasten your seatbelts, and let's get started with 7 sensational activities to share with the whole family, for memories to last a lifetime.

1. Fun skiing at the foot of the Vanoise National Park

Keep your eyes peeled for the occasional wildlife sighting from the slopes.

Nestled on a vast south-facing plateau at an altitude of 1500 metres, the resort ofAussois is dominated by the Vanoise National Park. In the air, eagles and lammergeiers soar over the resort. Chamois sometimes venture down the slopes of La Fournache or Les Balmes. And in early April, when the snow slowly gives way to spring, marmots can even be seen in the heart of the resort. Great moments to share with the whole family. And if you can't see the animals directly, you can easily observe their tracks around the slopes.

Between two animal observations, take advantage of the play areas specially designed for children and adults alike! Thrills and giggles guaranteed!

Try out Marmot'Park: a family fun trail with multiple modules and a variety of interactive elements. Plus++: new modules for teens this winter.

A must-do for the whole family: the "Kilomètre Lancé" at Marmot'Park. A short downhill run to go as fast as possible. At the finish line, a luminous panel directly displays your speed. A great way to challenge yourself and your family!

Take on the challenges of the snowpark's winding, bumpy, easy-access course via the Eterlou chairlift!

You can also try out the Boarder Cross Rail Park: a boardercross course complete with rails that is a delight for freestylers of all kinds and accessible from the Bellecôte red runway.

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The "KL" at Marmot'Park: ideal for a family challenge!

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2. Ski touring

Aussois is a renowned ski touring resort. High-level competitions are organized every year. A sport that allows you to discover immaculate, wild landscapes. Nowadays, this discipline is no longer reserved for experienced skiers, but is available as a leisure activity to be enjoyed by the whole family. The ESF atAussois even offers half-day and full-day outings for skiers aged 13 and over.

And don't forget, for beginners or advanced riders, the dedicated, signposted itinerary in the ski area, where you can ski up in skins in a secure area and ski back down the groomed slopes.

And new this winter: at the end of the ascent, on the Eterlou chairlift side, you can enjoyan 80 m2 panoramic terrace . A hut has also been built to make changing more comfortable before heading back down.

3. Dare to paraglide on skis

Fly a tandem paraglider with skis on your feet, accompanied by a state-certified instructor.

What could be better than sharing a paragliding experience with the whole family? If you're hesitating, thinking that the take-off run is too complicated, don't worry! On the slopes ofAussois, you'll be able to enjoy this experience with ease: take-off is much easier on skis. And you don't need to be a great skier: when the instructor gives you the go-ahead, you put on the 2 skis parallel to each other, glide a few metres and you're already off the ground! If the wind conditions are right, take-offs can follow one another in quick succession, making it possible to fly with the whole family.

Breathtaking, indescribable landscapes: winter paragliding is simply magical! After about 15 minutes of flight, and a few tight turns if your instructor suggests it and you're comfortable enough, you'll land gently on the snow face. These are intense moments you'll be talking about for years to come.

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1280x1024-AU-top7-Vibrate with tubbing

4. Vibrate with tubing

In the heart of the village,Aussois 's new tubing facility is the perfect activity for everyone.

What's new? Yes, because although snow-tubing has existed for years at Aussois, your resort now offers this activity in both winter and summer, thanks to a new synthetic slope. As far as sensations are concerned, the activity is just as fun as ever. Children and parents each get into a buoy, and all that's left to do is take to the specially prepared slope.

Once you've set off, there's no braking - forward or backward, it's up to you. And when you arrive, you'll want to do it all over again! Just hook your buoy to a snow line and let it pull you back to the start. And off you go again!

5. Experience biathlon

Combining precision and endurance, this is the sport to practice if you want to be in harmony with your body and your mind. You can sample the pleasures of this discipline during introductory courses run by ESF instructors atAussois on the Monolithe de Sardières ski area. The program includes 10-meter shooting with an air rifle and technique... Enough to become a real biathlete! And when it comes to family challenges, there's a lot of pressure on parents when they pick up the rifle after their children have just scored 5/5 on their shooting!

1280x1024-AU-top7-Experience biathlon

5/5 in shooting!
Your turn to do better, Dad!

1280x1024-AU-top7-Deal the slopes with snake gliss

6. Hit the slopes with snake gliss

When the slopes close, the skis are replaced by sledges, which are assembled one behind the other. The most intrepid will choose the seats at the back of this train of sledges. A sensational experience for the whole family.

The snake's 60-minute descent takes everyone back to childhood.

It's off to the snow snake!

7. Crapahuter sur les parois enneigées: via ferrata aux forts de l'Esseillon

Feel your heart skip a beat, suspended above the void - that's what the winter via ferrata atAussois has to offer.

Feel your heart skip a beat, suspended above the void - that's what the resort ofAussois has to offer with its winter via ferrata. Specially designed for Europe's largest "via" (7 interconnected sections), the Diablotins via ferrata takes in several footbridges and a monkey bridge on the west face of the Esseillon forts. It's a frosty 500-metre crossing of a listed site, a vestige of the defensive lines of the House of Savoy. Although the activity may seem very challenging, it is accessible to people aged 10 and over, and is carried out in complete safety under the supervision of a mountain guide.

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